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Project Restoration v1.5.3 was released on 02/09/2019. To install or update Project Restoration, follow the instructions here.

Changes since 1.5.0:

  • Fixed a crash when entering the new credits game state. Sorry!
  • Fixed issues with the new, optional classic mode for Goron rolling.

Changes since 1.4.2:

  • Bosses:
    • Removed the eyeballs from Odolwa, Goht and Gyorg.
    • Balanced Odolwa's AI and attacks to improve gameplay.
    • Fixed a game bug that caused Odolwa to be invulnerable to attacks and block excessively.
  • Owl statues can now be activated by striking them with a sword.
  • The Song of Time now optionally saves the game. Players will be greeted with the iconic Dawn of the First Day screen after loading a Song of Time save, just like in the original game.
  • It is now possible to control Goron Link rolling just like in the Nintendo 64 version: hold A and move to roll, release A to stop. The classic control scheme co-exists with the new one.
  • Adjusted the speed of Stone Tower blocks for a more pleasant climbing experience.
  • Free camera mode can now be used more often, notably when targeting, talking or playing the ocarina.
  • Link can now leave the Swordman's School during training if necessary to avoid wasting time.
  • Added more button mappings:
    • The Gears and Map menu can be opened with ZR+Start / ZR+Select respectively.
    • For the ocarina screen, it is possible to switch between the instrument screen and the song list with Start/Select.
  • Various fixes and stability improvements.
    • Fixed a game bug that caused the "heart container get" sound not to play after getting four heart pieces.
    • Fixed a game bug that prevented the player from leaving free camera mode by targeting when Zora swimming or Goron rolling.
    • Fixed a possible softlock during the Twinmold boss intro.
    • Fixed fast arrow switching not working when Z-targeting.
    • Fixed fast transform being mistakenly enabled during some cutscenes.
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