Nintendo SARC archive reader and writer
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Nintendo SARC archive reader and writer


Install Python 3.6+ (64 bit version) then run pip install sarc.

List files in an archive

sarc list ARCHIVE

Extract an archive

sarc extract ARCHIVE

Create an archive

sarc create [--be] FILES_TO_ADD  DEST_SARC

You can give it directories too, in which case the entire directory will be added to the archive recursively.

Pass --be (shorthand: -b) if you want sarc to use big endian mode (for the Wii U).

An important option is --base-path. This option lets you remove parts of the path. For example, if you pass a path like Mods/BotW/System/Version.txt, you will likely want to pass --base-path Mods/BotW to get rid of the leading components.

If only a single directory is passed, the base path is set for you automatically.

So typical usage example:

sarc create  ~/botw/Bootup/  ~/botw/ModifiedBootup.pack

Update an archive


This is almost identical to create.

By default, sarc will keep the endianness of the original archive. You can override this with --endian {le,be} (le for little and be for big endian).

Delete files from an archive


Nothing much to say here. Just keep in mind FILES_TO_DELETE takes archive paths (those that are printed by list).

Library usage

import sarc

archive = sarc.read_file_and_make_sarc(file)
# or if you already have a buffer
archive = sarc.SARC(archive_bytes)
if archive:
    for file_name in archive.list_files():
        size = archive.get_file_size(file_name)
        data = archive.get_file_data(file_name)

To modify an archive:

import sarc

writer = sarc.make_writer_from_sarc(archive)
# or if you're reading from a file
writer = sarc.read_sarc_and_make_writer(file)
# or for a blank archive
writer = sarc.SARCWriter(be=big_endian)

writer.add_file('test.bfevfl', b'file contents')
writer.add_file('another_file.txt', b'file contents')
writer.add_file('test.bfevfl', b'replacing a file')



For more information, please look at


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.