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This is a general bibliography about mobility and "big data" such as CDRs, XDRs, with a little bias towards mobility and gender, and some about mobility and emergency response. There's also a bit of "negative bias" against other bibliography fields that are not as well-indexed online such as some geographical literature, some gender literature and some transportation litrature. A merge with this bibliographies would be ideal.

We used the following command to generate an html file for "visual inspection"

bibtex2html -a -noabstract -nokeywords bibliography.bib

If you don't want to generate it yourself, you can find the current bibliography here

This is not a comprehensive bibliography, and may contain many errors. It's, however, a starting point.

NOTE: This work was partly funded by Data2X, done in collaboration with the ISI Foundation (Ciro Cattuto, Laetitia Gauvin, and Michele Tizzoni), the Data, Research and Policy Dept. at UNICEF (Natalia Adler), and The GovLab (Stefaan Verhulst, Andrew Young).

Please don't hesitate to ask for pull requests!