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Programming Language 1 @ UdeC

Cloning this repo will give you access to all the material of LP1. For more information, you may visit the main page of the course at:

The directory structure is as follows:

. [lp1]
├── examples
│   └──
├── exercises
│   ├── w1_ex1.html
│   └──
├── general
│   ├── handout_503208_2015_2.pdf
│   ├── handout_503208_2015_2.tex
│   └── UdeClass_master.otp
├── handout_503208_2015_2.aux
├── handout_503208_2015_2.log
├── lecnotes
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
├── slides
│   ├── w1_l1_slides.odp
│   ├── w1_l1_slides.pdf
│   ├── w1_l2_slides.odp
│   └── w1_l2_slides.pdf
└── solutions

This is the file. (Captain obvious strikes again.)

They are all pretty self-explanatory. The examples, exercises, and solutions folders all contain org (markup) files. They have all been named with the following convention: wX_ is the week (w1 is week 1), the next is the “kind” of content: egX is example X (.e.g, eg1 is example 1), exX is exercise X (i.e., ex1 is exercise 1), and so on. The “solutions” folder have file names with three “fields”: they refer to the week and the exercise they are a solution to, and the suffix is appended. The slides folder contains the slides I used in class, plus the slides source code in OpenOffice.

The general folder contains files to make the course self-contained. So far (<2015-08-10 Mon>) it only contains the template for the slides for the course… which are pretty basic. Content before form :)

Finally, and importantly, all lecture notes are in the lecnotes folder. The naming convention is the same as before: the week number, the lecture number _lX, and the suffix <2015-08-23 dom> Notice that the naming convention of files has changed. Since we have switched from two classes per week to only one, I will now name lecture notes as, rather than

I definitely accept pull requests. My students are actually encouraged to make these materials better.