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End-To-End File & Message Encryption For Discord
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End-To-End File & Message Encryption For Discord

Encrypted Message


  • Supports Windows, MacOS and Linux. ( No mobile support, sorry! )
  • All messages in DMs, group DMs and channels may be configured to be end-to-end encrypted.
  • Uses a dual encryption mode with multiple ciphers. ( Defaults to AES-256 and Camellia-256 )
  • Optional timed messages are supported which are deleted after a certain period passes.
  • Emojis ( including animated ) are supported even if you're not a Nitro user.
  • Encrypted database with a password of your choosing protects all your keys.
  • Ability to backup, restore and manage all passwords in the database.
  • Strong and automatic key exchanges for DMs allowing you to easily secure sessions your friends.
  • Supports encrypted file uploads up to 50 MB which are automatically deleted after 7 days.
  • Automatic signed updates ensures you always get the latest features while staying secure.
  • Blocks various known tracking elements used by Discord via SecureDiscord.
  • Designed to provide the maximum security and privacy.
  • Extensively tested for reliability and stability.

DiscordCrypt™ is a plugin for Discord that uses BetterDiscord's internal structure to send and receive encrypted messages between users and channels in a safe and secure manner.

The plugin achieves this by using multiple levels of encryption with well known ciphers to ensure only the people you want to read your messages can read them and no one else.

The source code is completely free / libre and open source ( FLOSS ) and licensed under the GPLv3 License so feel free to have a look or modify it as you see fit!

If you'd like an in-depth explanation of its inner workings, click here.

If you wish to use a web browser instead of Discord's native application, we recommend you use SimpleDiscordCrypt made by our friend An0. Please note, these two versions are incompatible with one another.

Contributions are welcome! Be sure to read our guidelines before submitting your changes.

Also, while this project is licensed under GPL, if you feel generous and wish to buy the creators and maintainers coffee, we'll happily accept.

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Getting Started

To learn how to install & effectively use the plugin, please refer to the user manual located here.

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