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An example showing how to
 - display a form to insert a new record into a MySQL database,
     if not already submitted
 - if submitted, inserts the information into the MySQL database,
    then immediately retrieves the same record from the database and
    displays it in the user's browser.

Some important points:
 - database connection information should be kept in a separate file
    - that separate file should have a name with a ".php" extension
    - it MUST start with "<?php" (or contents will be dumped to the browser!)
    - it should be stored outside the main web page directory
 - incoming input must be sanitized (to guard against SQL injection)
    - it also needs to be checked for completeness and validity
    - this should also be done in JavaScript on the client, but
    - that script may not work
    - even if it works, JavaScript may have been turned off on the client
 - error messages should not be sent to the browser, because they are
    - useless and annoying to regular users, and
    - potentially useful to hackers