Java/Groovy implementation of a controller for the BlinkyTape device (
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Java/Groovy implementation of a controller for the BlinkyTape device (

The tests demonstrate how to use the library:

This test, when un-@Ignored, should provide a "smoke test" of your BlinkyTape integration:

Major concepts:

  • BlinkyTapeController: a wrapper around the BlinkyTape USB/serial port interface. Allows you to render one or more "BlinkyFrames"
  • BlinkyFrame: represents a standard BlinkyTape light strip at a given moment in time
  • BlinkyFrameBuilder: helper class that allows you to easily build single BlinkyFrame with all lights or specific lights set to the specified colors.
  • BlinkyFrameArrayBuilder: helper class that allows you to build a pattern from an image (BMP, PNG, etc) file. This is very similar to what PatternPaint ( provides a UI for. In fact, the primary use case I built this for includes exporting images from Paint or "Pattern Paint" and loading it into this library.

Known Usage:

I built this library in order to tie BlinkyTape into my company's Continuous Integration environment via the build-whisperer project I created a while back here: There is a simple BlinkyTape implementation provided that allows you to connect Jenkins, Bamboo or any other REST/JSON based page up to the BlinkyTape.


Get more details at