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Very simple and raw POP3 Bash Client to experiment with sockets in C
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POP3 Bash Client

This is a VERY, VERY RAW implementation of a pop3 client just to experiment with sockets in C.

It was coded using Netbeans IDE in Linux.

Important: DO NOT USE WITH YOUR PERSONAL E-MAIL ACCOUNT. NOTHING is encrypted and read mail are stored in the MAILS folder in PLAIN TEXT.

Tests were done with a test Yahoo email account, hence you will find its server's IPs in client.txt. You can change them if you want to use another email service.


At readFile.c, at lines 290 and 361 you must replace "YOURUSER@DOMAIN.COM" with your email account. For example

When you have finished composing your email, you must add at the end "MF" to indicate that to the program. It's terrible, I know but that was the way i came up with to detect the end of the message within a bash console.

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