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A collection of spatial audio related VST audio plug-ins; including: Ambisonic encoders/decoders/visualisers, and basic loudspeaker/headphone panners.
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SPatial Audio Real-Time Applications (SPARTA). A collection of VST audio plug-ins for spatial audio production, reproduction and visualisation.

The Plug-ins

This repository contains the following VST plug-ins:

  • AmbiBIN - A binaural ambisonic decoder (up to 7th order) with a built-in SOFA loader and head-tracking support via OSC messages. Includes: Least-Squares (LS), spatial re-sampling (SPR), time-alignment (TA), and magnitude least-squares (Mag-LS) decoding options.
  • AmbiDEC - A frequency-dependent loudspeaker ambisonic decoder (up to 7th order) with user specifiable loudspeaker directions (up to 64), which may be optionally imported via JSON configuration files. Includes: All-Round (AllRAD), Energy-Preserving (EPAD), Spatial (SAD), and Mode-Matching (MMD) ambisonic decoding options. The loudspeaker signals may also be binauralised for headphone playback.
  • AmbiDRC - A frequency-dependent dynamic range compressor for ambisonic signals (up to 7th order).
  • AmbiENC - An ambisonic encoder/panner (up to 7th order), with support for up to 64 input channels; the directions for which may also be imported via JSON configuration files.
  • Array2SH - A microphone array spatial encoder (up to 7th order), with presets for several commercially available A-format and higher-order microphone arrays. The plug-in can also present objective evaluation metrics for the currently selected configuration.
  • Beamformer - A spherical harmonic domain beamforming plug-in with multiple beamforming strategies (up to 64 output beams).
  • Binauraliser - A binaural panner (up to 64 input channels) with a built-in SOFA loader and head-tracking support via OSC messages.
  • DirASS - A sound-field visualiser based on re-assigning the energy of beamformers. This re-assigment is based on DoA estimates extracted from "spatially-constrained" regions, which are centred around each beamformer look-direction.
  • Panner - A frequency-dependent 3-D panner using the VBAP method (up to 64 inputs and outputs).
  • PowerMap - A sound-field visualisation plug-in based on ambisonic signals as input (up to 7th order), with PWD/MVDR/MUSIC/Min-Norm options.
  • Rotator - A flexible ambisonic rotator (up to 7th order) with head-tracking support via OSC messages.
  • SLDoA - A frequency-dependent sound-field visualiser (up to 7th order), based on depicting the direction-of-arrival (DoA) estimates derived from spatially localised active-intensity vectors. The low frequency estimates are shown with blue icons, mid-frequencies with green, and high-frequencies with red.

Getting Started

These instructions will help you compile the individual VST audio plug-ins. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from here:

  • Pre-built - for Windows (64-bit), Mac OSX (10.10 or higher), and Linux (x86_64)


To compile the plugins yourself, the following SDKs and frameworks must be placed in the 'SDKs' folder like so


And can be obtained from:

You must also install a custom Intel MKL .dll/.dylib in a system path folder. More details on this can be found here. However, Mac users may elect to remove the "SAF_USE_INTEL_MKL" flag in the global pre-precessor definitions, in order to get around this requirement; albeit, at the expense of a reduction in performance.


Visual Studio (2015/2017) solutions, X-code project files, and Linux Makefiles are included in:


To generate project files for other IDEs, you can open and configure the included .jucer files with JUCE's Projucer App accordingly.


  • Leo McCormack - C/C++ programmer and DSP researcher (contact:
  • Symeon Delikaris-Manias - DSP researcher
  • Archontis Politis - DSP researcher
  • Ville Pulkki - DSP researcher


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details

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