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1.0.0-beta.7 (2022-08-24) / A Much Better NLP

Please read this blog post to know more about all the new features and the exciting future of Leon.



  • create new NLP skills resolvers model + NLP global resolvers model 602604e4

  • better isolate skill resolvers from global resolvers + finish up Akinator skill 905d248e

  • transfer language from core to skills + support thematics on Akinator skill b35a249b

  • actions on slot level + akinator skill progress 7101b8b4

  • add Cartesian sample training on resolvers + enum entities 6ed88a59

  • map skills resolvers intents eb5ade76

  • train skills resolvers and remap as per changes 82df0a3c

  • achieve Cartesian training a1e9011d

  • introduce suggestions dcddacca

  • communicate suggestions to the client 4b5a8835

  • shared skills memory 795acc5b

  • support dynamic variables on skill NLU settings for logic type 10d10a16

  • tmp resolvers mapping b1a332ba

  • start to map resolvers between the core and skills e88495a9

  • train affirmation and denial resolver 993d52e8

  • Python TCP server and Node.js TCP client for IPC (wip) 5970ec9e

  • introduce spaCy for complete NER (wip) caa86fc8

  • slot filling (wip) 76547d94

  • share data across domains f4f9fff9

  • dynamic variable binding on NLG 0367b44f

  • context and slot filling preparation (wip) 975b8ebc

  • annotate entities on the fly + prepare for dialog skill type and cross-domains data 4107932d

  • new NLP training d8023308

  • server:

    • trigger next action suggestions or current ones 244d08c0
    • introduce main NLP model and resolvers NLP model e37526d9
    • change log emojis 843bc428
    • provide nextAction even when no slot is set and clean up NLU object on context switch 8377c63d
    • report full traceback from skills execution b69b1fea
    • support on-the-fly entity annotation for built-in entities 567b030c
    • save slots within conversation context fce47cdb
    • resolve resolvers tmp ceea47ff
    • prepare the next action on non-slot-filled skills 0acb31a9
    • add more affirmative utterance samples 870ab2e8
    • restart a skill with the original utterance saved in context f4446ef1
    • clean up context if the action loop does not meet the expected items 035c9d52
    • add handsigns custom entity 1529c720
    • reprocess NLU in case of slot filling interruption 9e242d77
    • handle action loop when slots have all been filled at once f8830502
    • break the action loop from the skill 27dc801c
    • stop action loop from skill to core 99681e25
    • introduce basic concept of action loop c5b38400
    • prepare action loop feature 19e1aa22
    • add current utterance entities to differentiate from the whole context 8b56a185
    • when a context is activated, pick up the most probable classification 8e186879
    • persist entities into contexts 87575773
    • forward slots to skill + add original utterance 68e40f65
    • handle case when all slots have been filled in one utterance 22e9234b
    • trigger next action once all slots have been filled 9b870010
    • complete slot filling before triggering the next action 9124687e
    • from modules to skills with type at the actions level 77ebaf4a
    • verify if all slots are filled e27c1b9c
    • context and slot filling, keep context and await for entities 25adf406
    • unstack oldest context 1ece25a4
    • context setup with slot for each conversation (wip) 8257eb87
    • resolve slots from slot filling 960a6dc7
    • pickup questions for slot filling 3bbc2f8a
    • main slots structure (wip) 1d9b1809
    • introduce resolvers for slot filling (wip) 334bf393
    • slot filling PoC (tmp wip) 95bfcfe4
    • slot filling (wip) 969a83e6
    • trigger unsupported language 1845eed7
    • context (wip) d1c2a11d
    • context (wip) a9a43ac4
    • differenciate cities from countries for location entities bf9bf231
    • auto restart the TCP server when language is switching 9be7c700
    • support multi languages on TCP server a808742c
    • add auto reconnect on TCP client cbe89ed6
    • make TCP client global 006e9fb0
    • fully implement low-level networking for IPC 8acb82da
    • more accurate NLG d5577b1e
    • unknown_answers fallback on dialog type 28efe6e7
    • deep data mapping on enum NER 3ca48265
    • NLG and entities mapping 8f2f935b
    • bootstrap skill structure fe90c68e
    • on-the-fly language switching f24513a2
    • new NLP containers 34b2aa56
    • (WIP) NLU refactoring ca3f5f42
    • add skills domains cf2a28aa
  • skill/akinator:

  • skill/birthday: remove birthday skill be0b345d

  • skill/color: introduce color skill ce00989b

  • skill/guess_the_number: introduce the Guess the Number skill fba80966

  • skill/introduction:

  • skill/mbti:

  • skill/rochambeau:

  • web app:

    • join us on Discord 141c89ec
    • wait for TCP client to be connected first bc228a68

    Bug Fixes

  • check script with new intent-object format fdf0a389

  • check new resolvers paths cfd8f7cb

  • use mirror for the offline TTS [skip ci] 3dd90396

  • set skill config only when a bridge is set 7513aa7d

  • only set skill config when it is a logic type 9ce9a8bc

  • docker:

    • usage of Ubuntu base image with pyenv and nvm (#408) f507f6f7
    • check should not allocate a pseudo-TTY (#359) 4372b45f
  • server:

    • make leon handle multiple instances 6e7c0aac
    • fallback on global resolver during resolver classification ec77dd0f
    • make use of current entities to match global entities a8d82050
    • multiple slots filling 2ac1bc63
    • context switching on action loop 6712ae55
    • check one-shot slot filling case causing infinite loop 782a3aaa
    • clean up active context after all slots have been filled faabc2c7
    • correctly extract all spaCy entities 6aa60bfb
    • intent not found 8280c658
    • fallback due to modules to skills refactoring ef0c54b2
    • NER due to modules to skills refactoring e4d3904c
    • skill/akinator: remove direct end on guess action f6461f73
    • skill/color: more appropriate answer cb18ed63
    • skill/rochambeau: final logic 0ebc0518

    Performance Improvements

  • check Pipfile instead of Pipfile.lock to judge whether Python packages must be installed afdb71f7

Documentation Changes

  • change newsletter link 4bf2a9af
  • README - Edited sentence for clarity (#389) e83a1c42
  • edit newsletter link fa558a44
  • update sponsor [skip ci] f30ddb6b
  • remove sponsor [skip ci] 5dbc010f
  • remove sponsor [skip ci] f36dd20f
  • remove sponsor [skip ci] 5ee57ddf
  • add @ant-media sponsor [skip ci] b47cbc3a
  • add long dev notice to README [skip ci] 499be77d
  • move sponsor to new section [skip ci] 8825d687
  • change Twitter handle [skip ci] c1afc11c
  • remove sponsor [skip ci] 99b401a6
  • add new sponsor self-hosted img [skip ci] 238d928c
  • remove new sponsor link (broken) [skip ci] 254f2848
  • in GitHub from modules to skills 4a5480a3
  • change @FluxIndustries sponsorship [skip ci] 1a118b71
  • add @FluxIndustries sponsor [skip ci] 9a604d7c
  • new #LeonAI link [skip ci] a0107d62
  • changelog new version diff link fix [skip ci] e14c2498

1.0.0-beta.6 (2022-02-07) / Leon Over HTTP + Making Friends with Coqui STT


  • simple coqui-ai stt integration 86a4816b

  • HTTP API key generator d10a7fa7

  • avoid unnecessary routes generation

  • server:

    • make Coqui STT the default STT solution 70399187
      • add HTTP API key middleware cdf41499
      • expose queries over HTTP b6428d03
      • add timeout action over HTTP 115f9c16
      • handle built-in and trim entities over HTTP + add "disabled" HTTP API action option 82fb967a
      • execute modules over HTTP 2e5b2c59
      • generate Fastify routes on the file to expose packages over HTTP 5b41713a

Bug Fixes

  • do not ask to regenerate the HTTP API key if this one isn't available yet d265377a
  • Python deps tree check c6c01291
  • hotword offline (#342) f563d01d
  • addressed comments by @JRMeyer b1c6f5c8
  • allow to detect STT offline capabilities 04d62288
  • Amazon Polly is always configured on check script due to new structure e6246d1f

Performance Improvements

  • check if Python deps tree has been updated before going through deps install 2d0b0f13

1.0.0-beta.5 (2021-12-28) / Refocus

This release marks a major turn in the future versions of the Leon core. Please read this blog post to know more.


  • Node.js 16+ and npm 8+ minimum requirements 2f66f1c1


  • server: support arrays on NER between conditions 7cf7f979

Bug Fixes

  • jest-extended new setup due to latest update 02f766d6

Performance Improvements

  • Windows setup on DeepSpeech dep removal 13f5a49f

Documentation Changes

  • URL redirect managed by registrar c16d5b28

1.0.0-beta.4 (2021-05-01) / Getting Rid of Dust

This release includes a lot of changes that are made under the hood and are not displayed here, please read the blog post to know more.


  • package/checker: introduce Have I Been Pwned v3 API with API key (0ca89fe3)
  • server:
    • AWS SDK new structure due to v3 and adapt Amazon Polly changes (f15f2db7)
    • IBM Watson TTS and STT new structure (f41ea0e9 | 2668c295)


Bug Fixes

  • set correct status code for GET /downloads 690f1841

  • take .env in consideration when using Docker d38e6095

  • spinner test 9071c927

  • e2e tests by adding modules actions level 5cf77d90

  • package/leon: fix english translations 90225707

  • package/network: make use of new compatible speedtest lib 0c925626

  • package/trend:

    • GitHub module new scraping 68414937
    • when there is no star provided on the GitHub module 563fb409
  • server:

    • make use of Basic plugin from the main NLP container e1d5bed3
    • NER trim entity on after conditions fa6a5a43

Documentation Changes

1.0.0-beta.2 (2019-04-24)


  • can send custom HTTP headers (2685cdab)

  • allow HTML output (ec3f02df)

  • NLU improvement with node-nlp (6585db71)

  • package/trend:

    • add answer when the Product Hunt developer token is not provided (f40b479b)
    • Product Hunt module done (37794306)
    • basics done on the Product Hunt module (32cc7dbe)
    • complete dedicated answers according to the technology and given time (8997d691)
    • GitHub module done (7c6f3922)
    • be able to choose a limit and a date range for the GitHub module (3c088371)
    • format GitHub results in one message (9d026b94)
    • simple GitHub module results (5baec074)
    • list GitHub trends in HTML raw (3441629e | 6b932e94)
    • expressions dataset and structure (f406a5a0 | f54c2272)

Bug Fixes

  • Leon was not fully installed with Docker if a .env file was existing (c8a68ab0)

  • package/trend: when there is no contributor on GitHub module (d845e49b)

  • server:

Documentation Changes

1.0.0-beta.1 (2019-02-24)


Bug Fixes

  • package/checker: isitdown module fails with capital letters in URL (ada6aaef)
  • web app: enable environment variables (a438d6f9)

Performance Improvements

  • web app: favicon compression (33dbcb42)

Documentation Changes

  • update README to make the reader genderless (58662658)

  • use "to rule them all" in README (c74dda4c)

  • readme: add story write-up (08a68e37)

1.0.0-beta.0 (2019-02-10)

Initial release.