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1.0.0-beta.2 (2019-04-24)


  • can send custom HTTP headers (2685cdab)

  • allow HTML output (ec3f02df)

  • NLU improvement with node-nlp (6585db71)

  • package/trend:

    • add answer when the Product Hunt developer token is not provided (f40b479b)
    • Product Hunt module done (37794306)
    • basics done on the Product Hunt module (32cc7dbe)
    • complete dedicated answers according to the technology and given time (8997d691)
    • GitHub module done (7c6f3922)
    • be able to choose a limit and a date range for the GitHub module (3c088371)
    • format GitHub results in one message (9d026b94)
    • simple GitHub module results (5baec074)
    • list GitHub trends in HTML raw (3441629e | 6b932e94)
    • expressions dataset and structure (f406a5a0 | f54c2272)

Bug Fixes

  • Leon was not fully installed with Docker if a .env file was existing (c8a68ab0)

  • package/trend: when there is no contributor on GitHub module (d845e49b)

  • server:

Documentation Changes

1.0.0-beta.1 (2019-02-24)


Bug Fixes

  • package/checker: isitdown module fails with capital letters in URL (ada6aaef)
  • web app: enable environment variables (a438d6f9)

Performance Improvements

  • web app: favicon compression (33dbcb42)

Documentation Changes

  • update README to make the reader genderless (58662658)

  • use "to rule them all" in README (c74dda4c)

  • readme: add story write-up (08a68e37)

1.0.0-beta.0 (2019-02-10)

Initial release.