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Allows setting the lock screen information such as artist, title, and artwork.

This plugin has a sibling plugin that allows you to handle remote commands, check it out!


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-nowplaying


Use only the keys that you have available and leave the others out of the javascript object, that way only the correct keys will be sent to the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.nowPlayingInfo It will only overwrite the values that come in by cloning the old dictionary.

	artwork: "", // Can be http:// https:// or image path relative to NSDocumentDirectory
	albumTitle: "The Album Title",
	trackCount: 10,
	trackNumber: 1,
	artist: "The Artist",
	composer: "The Composer",
	discCount: 1,
	discNumber: 1,
	genre: "The Genre",
	persistentID: 12345,
	playbackDuration: 500,
	title: "The Title",
	elapsedPlaybackTime: 30,
	playbackRate: 1,
	playbackQueueIndex: 1,
	playbackQueueCount: 5,
	chapterNumber: 1,
	chapterCount: 2

You can call NowPlaying.set multiple times to update the keys you send in the object

	artwork: ""

setTimeout(function () {
		chapterNumber: 2
}, 1000);

When using in a browser environment it will simply log the calls to NowPlaying.set to the console.