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MongoDB Salat plugin for Play Framework 2 (Scala only)

Salat is a ORM for MongoDBs scala driver called Casbah.

Build Status


Use g8 to start a new salat enabled play project

Install g8 on OSX using homebrew

brew update && brew install giter8

Or read about the other ways to install giter8 here

Then run

g8 leon/play-salat.g8

It will ask you a couple of questions, and your ready to rock 'n roll.

Manual installation

Start by adding the plugin, in your project/Build.scala

val appDependencies = Seq(
  "se.radley" %% "play-plugins-salat" % "1.0.4"

Then we can add the implicit converstions to and from ObjectId by adding to the routesImport and add ObjectId to all the templates

val main = PlayProject(appName, appVersion, appDependencies, mainLang = SCALA).settings(
  routesImport += "se.radley.plugin.salat.Binders._",
  templatesImport += "org.bson.types.ObjectId"

We now need to register the plugin, this is done by creating(or appending) to the conf/play.plugins file


We continue to edit the conf/application.conf file. We need to disable some plugins that we don't need. Add these lines:

dbplugin = disabled
evolutionplugin = disabled
ehcacheplugin = disabled


now we need to setup our connections. The plugin is modeled after how plays DB plugin is built.

mongodb.default.db = "mydb"
# Optional values = ""
#mongodb.default.port = 27017
#mongodb.default.user = "leon"
#mongodb.default.password = "123456"

# MongoURI
# ~~~~~
# a MongoURI can also be used
# mongodb.default.uri = "mongodb://,"

# WriteConcern
# ~~~~~
# Can be any of the following
# fsyncsafe - Exceptions are raised for network issues and server errors; Write operations wait for the server to flush data to disk.
# replicassafe - Exceptions are raised for network issues and server errors; waits for at least 2 servers for the write operation.
# safe - Exceptions are raised for network issues and server errors; waits on a server for the write operation.
# normal - Exceptions are raised for network issues but not server errors.

#mongodb.default.writeconcern = "safe"

# Replica sets
# ~~~~~
# To user a replicaset instead of a single host, omit optional values and use the configuration below instead.
# Since replica sets use public key authentication, user and password won't work together with the replicaset option.

#mongodb.default.replicaset {
# = ""
# = ""
#    host2.port = 27018

More that one DB?

If you would like to connect to two databases you need to create two source names

mongodb.myotherdb.db = "otherdb"

Then you can call mongoCollection("collectionname", "myotherdb")


If your using Scala Enumerations have a look at my play-enumeration project.

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