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Mongolab doesn't allow list databases... #23

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hello, I'm currently trying to use MongoLab with play-salat, however as the subject says, this provider restrict the access to the dbs command.

The problem comes from the SalatPlugin's onStart method that is doing a sanity check by requesting all database names... And so throw an error saying that the server is not recheable (couldn't connect); which is false, we just haven't the right to do so :/.

To resolve this we could maybe request the collections on a specific database (from the config)?

Here is the SO related question:



I have the same problem on my own database server and I don't want to give the play user admin access. It even needs read/write access on the admin db, to be allowed to run this command.

Would it be possible to just list the collections of the current db instead? That should be enough for a test if the user is really logged in.


Don't bother, I've just did it: #24.
Wait and see ;-)


Fixed in v1.0.9 9265a26

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