First demo made with love for Evoke 2016
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Naturally Undead

First PC Demo made with love for Evoke 2016.
Shader experiments with point clouds, boids, curves and particles.
WebGL engine made with TWGL.
Visual by Leon Denise (ponk)
Music by Eric Wager (dok)

Warning : the source code is a complete mess.
But I can tell you what files are involved in the effects.

About Blender

You will find a Blender file (blender/Scene.blend) that was used to make the demo.
I'm using this awesome addon made by Jonathan Giroux (Koltes), to export animations to WebGL.

Triangles effects

There is a script that parse the mesh to assign attributes to vertices (parseMesh.js)
And there is a vertex shader that animate triangles (bone.vert)

Curve modifier

I'm loading curves to floating point texture and then the vertex shader is doing his job (bamboo.vert).
More details about the effect here.

Moss effect

The geometry generation is made with moss.js
The shader is calculating distance from a target to set leaves size (moss.vert).


The good old boids : bois.js, butterflies.js and butterfly.vert.

Leaves effect

This is a point cloud of plants from my mother's garden.
There is a 3d file storing positions, colors and normals (vegetation.ply).
The script parsePointCloud.js create geometry from the points and assign attributes to the vertices that going to be used in the vertex shader.
Then there is a vertex shader that make the falling animation (leaf.vert).


You can check the messy text.js and painting.js + painting.vert.