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DIR-823G SetWLanRadioSettings Guest-WiFi Enable

Vulnerability for D-Link Router

Product: D-Link DIR-823G (Refer:

Version: The latest firmware -- 1.02B03 (Download link:


Vulnerability Type: Incorrect Access Control

Author: David Chen

Institution: Technology Research Institute of Legendsec at Qi’anxin Group

Vulnerability description

An issue was discovered in /bin/goahead on D-Link DIR-823G devices with firmware 1.02B03. There is incorrect access control allowing remote attackers to enable a Guest WiFi on router with no password default, without authentication, via the SetWLanRadioSettings HNAP API.


Attacker should call a HNAP API SetWLanRadioSettings remotely and enable a Guest WiFi on router immediately. Attacker just need to send a POST request setting some parameters such as RadioID,Enabled.., The Details are as blew:



Body: image

This PoC can enable an Guest WiFi on 2.4GHz named "D-Link_DIR-823G_Guest" with no password default as bleow:


P.S. Given the vendor's security, we only provide parts of this exploit.

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