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Small and simple PHP API client to retrieve Open Weather Map data


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Open Weather Map API Client

This library will help you integrate the Open Weather Map API to your webservice. It is lightweight and provides all necessary code including a lot of convenience methods.

Quick start

Using the API is very easy - you'll only need to provide a API key (Get one here) in order to use it. There are endpoints for retrieving different weather data by predefined conditions, like "by country and city", "by latitude and longitude", "by airport code" or even "by IP address".

Simply create a API instance and get the endpoint you need. These endpoints will contain convenience methods with typed parameters to receive the desired data.

use lfischer\openWeatherMap\API;

// Get weather data by a city and (optional) country name.
$weather = (new API('<API-key here>'))

// Get weather data by a "city ID".
$weather = (new API('<API-key here>'))

Default options

Most endpoints can define a language to get API responses in your language. For more details scroll down :)

By default you will receive an array with the data you like. Some endpoints can be used with different modes like "XML" and "HTML".

Also it is possible to use different units like "metric" and "imperial".

API endpoints for data collection

The goal is to implement PHP classes for every data collection API endpoint. The main API class has accessor methods for each available endpoint.

  • $api->getClimateForecast() returns an instance of ClimateForecastEndpoint.
  • $api->getCurrentWeather() returns an instance of CurrentWeatherEndpoint.
  • $api->getHourlyForecast() returns an instance of HourlyForecastEndpoint.
  • $api->getDailyForecast() returns an instance of DailyForecastEndpoint.
  • $api->getOneCall() returns an instance of OneCallEndpoint.

Sadly some endpoints require a paid subscription which I don't have. If anyone likes to contribute or test the affected endpoints please let me know!

More convenience

The API client provides convenience methods and classes to set different modes (xml, json or html), units (metric or imperial) or languages (49 languages available).

Use the constants located in Mode, Unit and Language to get the correct values and autocompletion in your IDE.

// Get weather data by a city and (optional) country name.
use lfischer\openWeatherMap\API;
use lfischer\openWeatherMap\Parameter\Language;
use lfischer\openWeatherMap\Parameter\Mode;
use lfischer\openWeatherMap\Parameter\Unit;

$weather = (new API('<API-key here>'))

Different Request options

The API client can use three different request adapters, according to your environment and possible other libraries.


In case you can not use file_get_contents, you can use the 'Curl' request adapter. For this your environment needs to provide the curl PHP extension.


The Dump request adapter can be used to return the prepared URL in case you have your own request library to work with. This is also used for testing.


If you are a fan of the great Guzzle library, you can use this adapter and make use of all its great features :)


The 'Simple' request adapter makes use of file_get_contents (just as the previous versions). For this adapter you will need to activate the fopen wrappers.

Response types

According to the mode option the response will be returned in a different Response class. Every response type has a getResponse method that returns the specific set of data.

  • HtmlResponse->getResponse() returns a string
  • JsonResponse->getResponse() returns a array
  • XmlResponse->getResponse() returns a SimpleXMLElement

Each type also contains a getRawResponse method which will return the raw string response from the API, in case you'd like to process the response on your own.


As mentioned before I do not have a paid subscription in order to develop and test every data collection. For this I need YOUR help ;)

If anyone likes to contribute or test the affected endpoints please let me know!