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jira-rest-cli-1.1-SNAPSHOT work in progress

At the moment working on jira-rest-cli-1.1 release.

Done already

  • console client improved (groovy): understands a whole set of command line options. See client help message below:

    {% highlight console %} $ rest-cli-groovy --help usage: rest-cli-groovy -h -u -w [options] -c,--context application context (e.g.: jira) -d,--drop-session will terminate cli session -f,--file will read file and evaluate its contents. use - for stdin -h,--host server hostname -help prints this message -l,--list-sessions list cli session ids -n,--new-session will create new session and exit immediately -p,--port server port. defaults to [80] -proto,--protocol http/https protocol; could be derived from port. defaults to [http] -s,--session cli session id to connect to -u,--user admin user name to connect with -w,--password password to authenticate with {% endhighlight %}

  • class loader problem fixed, now it's possible to use import and reference Jira classes from the scripts. See example below:

    {% highlight groovy %} import com.atlassian.jira.project.ProjectManager; import com.atlassian.jira.ComponentManager;

    ProjectManager manager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getProjectManager(); manager.projectObjects.collect { } {% endhighlight %}

  • Work on automated configuration deployment (mini-framework started). If you are interested - please track and submit comments/u


    • Implement automated configuration deployment scripts, pre-alfa stage
    • Port (license, reasoning??) Script Runner bundled scripts? Make them rest-callable.
    • Get JRuby client to the state of groovy client.
    • Documentation and tes