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I've recently discovered a useful Git operations/work mode: Git Worktrees.

Now, during the writeup I've performed quick web-search and found following interesting fabulous manuals:


It allows you to maintain multiple checked out work trees of the same root repository.

What's it in for me?

Before this command existed my usual hotfix or similar endeavors would require me to either have multiple clones of the same repo; OR stash the current uncommitted changes and checkout a different branch, apply changes there commit; switch back, unstash etc etc ... Boring.

So, I would either need separate clones (sync and storage issue) or use complex workflow procedure.

With worktrees I can have local checkouts (not full clones) in parallel to my main repository clone and work there as in multiple parallel clones aware each of other. Slick.

E.g. let's consider we have the following repo

λ /test-repo/ develop git branch -a
* develop

And now we want to checkout latest PROD version (master) and check some stuff there w/o messing up with the local develop stuff. Easy.

λ /test-repo/ develop git worktree add master master
  Preparing master (identifier master)
  HEAD is now at c0db3b1 Add README.txt

We found our usual suspect and now we need to work on hotfix on top of latest wip branch (develop). Let's start clean w/o messing with the local changes.

λ /test-repo/ develop* git worktree add -b old-develop ../old-develop
  Preparing ../old-develop (identifier old-develop)
  HEAD is now at c0db3b1 Add README.txt

Ough, I forgot there I was. Please remind me.

λ /test-repo/ develop* git worktree list
  /test-repo         0cf1f61 [develop]
  /test-repo/master  4c77cea [master]
  /old-develop       c0db3b1 [old-develop]

Please pay attention: master is a subfolder and old-develop is on the same level as develop folder itself. Cool.

And now I don't need all this crap lying around.

λ /test-repo/ develop* rm -rf master
λ /test-repo/ develop rm -rf ../old-develop
λ /test-repo/ develop git worktree prune
λ /test-repo/ develop git worktree list
 /test-repo  0cf1f61 [develop]