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(ns purely-functional-data-structures.ch3
(:refer-clojure :exclude [merge])
(:use [clojure.core.match :only (match)]
[clojure.pprint :only (pprint)]))
;; Chapter 3 - Familiar Data Structures in a Functional Setting
;; Leftist heaps
;; Using protocols
(defprotocol Heap
(is-empty? [this])
(insert [this v])
(merge [this other])
(rank [this])
(find-min [this])
(delete-min [this]))
(defrecord LeftistHeap [rank value left right])
(defn ensure-leftist
[this other v]
(let [rank-this (rank this)
rank-other (rank other)]
(if (>= rank-this rank-other)
(->LeftistHeap (inc rank-other) v this other)
(->LeftistHeap (inc rank-this) v other this))))
(extend-protocol Heap
(rank [_] 0)
(merge [_ other] other)
(is-empty? [_] true)
(is-empty? [this]
(nil? this))
(rank [this]
(:rank this))
(merge [{val-this :value left-this :left right-this :right :as this}
{val-other :value left-other :left right-other :right :as other}]
(is-empty? other) this
(<= val-this val-other) (ensure-leftist left-this
(merge right-this other)
:else (ensure-leftist left-other
(merge this right-other)
(insert [this v]
(merge (->LeftistHeap 1 v nil nil)
(find-min [{v :value}] v)
(delete-min [{left :left right :right}]
(merge right left)))
;; Using pure functions and maps
(defn mk-heap [rank value left right]
{:rank rank :value value :left left :right right})
(defn heap-rank [heap]
(if (nil? heap)
(:rank heap)))
(defn ensure-leftist-heap [value heap-a heap-b]
(let [rank-a (heap-rank heap-a)
rank-b (heap-rank heap-b)]
(if (>= rank-a rank-b)
(mk-heap (inc rank-b) value heap-a heap-b)
(mk-heap (inc rank-a) value heap-b heap-a))))
(defn merge-heaps [{val-a :value left-a :left right-a :right :as heap-a}
{val-b :value left-b :left right-b :right :as heap-b}]
(nil? heap-a) heap-b
(nil? heap-b) heap-a
(<= val-a val-b) (ensure-leftist-heap val-a
(merge-heaps right-a heap-b))
:else (ensure-leftist-heap val-b
(merge-heaps heap-a right-b))))
(defn heap-insert [value heap]
(merge-heaps (mk-heap 1 value nil nil)
(defn heap-find-min [{v :value}] v)
(defn heap-delete-min [{left :left right :right}]
(merge-heaps right left))
;; Exercises - p19
;; 3.2
(defn direct-heap-insert
[value {val-b :value left-b :left right-b :right :as heap-b}]
(cond (nil? heap-b) (mk-heap 1 value nil nil)
(< value val-b) (ensure-leftist-heap value heap-b nil)
:else (ensure-leftist-heap val-b left-b
(direct-heap-insert value right-b))))
;; 3.3
(defn heap-from-list-O-n
(reduce (fn [acc i]
(merge-heaps (if (map? acc) acc (mk-heap 1 acc nil nil))
(mk-heap 1 i nil nil))) coll))
(defn mk-singleton-heap [n]
(mk-heap 1 n nil nil))
(defn heap-from-list-O-log-n
(let [singleton-heaps (map mk-singleton-heap coll)]
(loop [heaps singleton-heaps]
(if (= (count heaps) 1)
(first heaps)
(recur (map (fn [pair] (apply merge-heaps pair))
(partition 2 2 [nil] heaps)))))))
;; Binomial Heaps
(defn mk-binomial-heap [rank value children]
{:rank rank :value value :children children})
(defn link-binomial-heaps [{rank :rank value-a :value children-a :children :as heap-a}
{value-b :value children-b :children :as heap-b}]
(if (<= value-a value-b)
(mk-binomial-heap (inc rank) value-a (cons heap-b children-a))
(mk-binomial-heap (inc rank) value-b (cons heap-a children-b))))
(defn insert-into-binomial-heap* [heap [head & tail :as heaps]]
(if (or (empty? heaps)
(< (heap-rank heap) (:rank head))) (cons heap heaps)
(insert-into-binomial-heap* (link-binomial-heaps heap head)
(defn insert-into-binomial-heap [value heaps]
(insert-into-binomial-heap* (mk-binomial-heap 0 value [])
(defn merge-binomial-heaps [[{rank-heap-a :rank :as heap-a} & tail-a :as heaps-a]
[{rank-heap-b :rank :as heap-b} & tail-b :as heaps-b]]
(empty? heaps-a) heaps-b
(empty? heaps-b) heaps-a
(< rank-heap-a rank-heap-b) (cons heap-a (merge-binomial-heaps tail-a heaps-b))
(< rank-heap-b rank-heap-a) (cons heap-b (merge-binomial-heaps heaps-a tail-b))
:else (insert-into-binomial-heap* (link-binomial-heaps heap-a heap-b)
(merge-binomial-heaps tail-a tail-b))))
(defn remove-min-binomial-heap [[{value-heap-a :value :as heap-a} & tail-a :as heaps-a]]
(cond (empty? heaps-a) (throw (Exception. "Empty binomial heap"))
(= 1 (count heaps-a)) [heap-a []]
:else (let [[{value-heap-b :value :as heap-b} heaps-b] (remove-min-binomial-heap tail-a)]
(if (< value-heap-a value-heap-b)
[heap-a heaps-b]
[heap-b (cons heap-a heaps-b)]))))
(defn find-min-binomial-heap [heaps]
(first (remove-min-binomial-heap heaps)))
(defn delete-min-binomial-heap [heaps]
(let [[{children :children} rest] (remove-min-binomial-heap heaps)]
(merge-binomial-heaps (reverse children)
(defn binomial-heap-from-list [coll]
(reduce (fn [acc n]
(insert-into-binomial-heap n acc))
;; Exercises - p23
;; 3.5 - Define findMin directly rather than via a call to removeMinTree.
;; First a recursive solution
(defn rec-find-min-binomial-heap [[heap-a & rest]]
(if (seq rest)
(let [heap-b (rec-find-min-binomial-heap rest)]
(if (<= (:value heap-a) (:value heap-b))
;; Now using reduce
(defn reduce-find-min-binomial-heap [heaps]
(reduce (fn [acc heap]
(if (<= (:value acc) (:value heap))
;; 3.6 - Most of the rank annotation in this representation of
;; binomial heaps are redundant because we know that the children of
;; a node of rank r have ranks r-1,...,0 . Thus, we can remove the rank
;; annotations from each node and instead pair each tree at the top-level with its rank, i.e.,
;; datatype Tree = Node of Elem x Tree list
;; type Heap = (int x Tree) list
;; Reimplement binomial heaps with this new representation.
(defn mk-node [value children]
{:value value :children children})
(defn link-bin-heaps [[rank {value-a :value children-a :children :as heap-a}]
[_ {value-b :value children-b :children :as heap-b}]]
(if (<= value-a value-b)
[(inc rank) (mk-node value-a (cons heap-b children-a))]
[(inc rank) (mk-node value-b (cons heap-a children-b))]))
(defn insert-into-bin-heap* [[rank-a _ :as heap-a]
[[rank-b _ :as head-heap-b] & tail :as heaps-b]]
(if (or (empty? heaps-b)
(< rank-a rank-b)) (cons heap-a heaps-b)
(insert-into-bin-heap* (link-bin-heaps heap-a head-heap-b)
(defn insert-into-bin-heap [value heaps]
(insert-into-bin-heap* [0 (mk-node value [])]
(defn bin-heap-from-list [coll]
(reduce (fn [acc n]
(insert-into-bin-heap n acc))
(defn merge-bin-heaps [[[rank-a _ :as heap-a] & tail-a :as heaps-a]
[[rank-b _ :as heap-b] & tail-b :as heaps-b]]
(empty? heaps-a) heaps-b
(empty? heaps-b) heaps-a
(< rank-a rank-b) (cons heap-a (merge-bin-heaps tail-a heaps-b))
(< rank-b rank-a) (cons heap-b (merge-bin-heaps heaps-a tail-b))
:else (insert-into-bin-heap* (link-bin-heaps heap-a heap-b)
(merge-bin-heaps tail-a tail-b))))
(defn remove-min-bin-heap [[[_ {value-heap-a :value} :as heap-a] & tail-a :as heaps-a]]
(cond (empty? heaps-a) (throw (Exception. "Empty binomial heap"))
(= 1 (count heaps-a)) [heap-a []]
:else (let [[[_ {value-heap-b :value} :as heap-b] heaps-b] (remove-min-bin-heap tail-a)]
(if (< value-heap-a value-heap-b)
[heap-a heaps-b]
[heap-b (cons heap-a heaps-b)]))))
(defn find-min-bin-heap [heaps]
(first (remove-min-bin-heap heaps)))
(defn decorate-heaps-with-rank [rank heaps]
(second (reduce (fn [[r result] heap]
(let [new-rank (dec r)]
[new-rank (conj result [new-rank heap])]))
[rank []]
(defn delete-min-bin-heap [heaps]
(let [[[min-rank {children :children}] rest] (remove-min-bin-heap heaps)]
(merge-bin-heaps (reverse (decorate-heaps-with-rank min-rank children))
;; Red-Black trees
(defn rb-mk-tree [color left value right]
{:color color :left left :value value :right right})
(def rb-tree (rb-mk-tree :black
(rb-mk-tree :red ;; left
(rb-mk-tree :black nil "a" nil) ;;left
(rb-mk-tree :red ;;right
(rb-mk-tree :black nil "b" nil) ;;left
(rb-mk-tree :black nil "c" nil))) ;;right
(rb-mk-tree :black nil "d" nil) ;;right
;; My first attempt - far from ideal without pattern-matching
(defn rb-balance [tree]
(let [{z :value d :right} tree
{x-color :color x :value a :left} (-> tree :left)
{y-color :color y :value b :left c :right} (-> tree :left :right)
d (:right tree)]
(if (and (= x-color :red) (= y-color :red))
(rb-mk-tree :red
(rb-mk-tree :black a x b)
(rb-mk-tree :black c z d))
(defn rb-balance [tree]
(match [tree]
[(:or {:left {:color :red
:left {:color :red :left a :value x :right b}
:value y :right c}
:value z :right d}
{:left {:color :red
:left a :value x
:right {:color :red :value y :left b :right c}}
:value z :right d}
{:left a :value x
:right {:color :red
:left {:color :red
:left b :value y :right c}
:value z :right d}}
{:left a :value x
:right {:color :red
:left b :value y
:right {:color :red
:left c :value z :right d}}})]
(rb-mk-tree :red
(rb-mk-tree :black a x b)
(rb-mk-tree :black c z d))
:else tree))
(defn balance [tree]
(match [tree]
[(:or [:black [:red [:red a x b] y c] z d]
[:black [:red a x [:red b y c]] z d]
[:black a x [:red [:red b y c] z d]]
[:black a x [:red b y [:red c z d]]])] [:red [:black a x b]
[:black c z d]]
:else tree))
(defn insert [tree x]
(let [ins (fn ins [tree]
(match tree
nil [:red nil x nil]
[color a y b] (cond
(< x y) (balance [color (ins a) y b])
(> x y) (balance [color a y (ins b)])
:else tree)))
[_ a y b] (ins tree)]
[:black a y b]))
(defn is-member? [tree x]
(match tree
nil false
[_ a y b] (cond
(< x y) (recur a x)
(> x y) (recur b x)
:else true)))
;; When core.match supports protocols, this will be
;; awesome.
(defrecord Black [left value right])
(defrecord Red [left value right])
(def protocol-tree
(Black. (Red.
(Black. nil "a" nil)
(Black. nil "b" nil)
(Black. nil "c" nil)))
(Black. nil "d" nil)))
(defn balance [node]
(match [node]
[(:or (Black. (Red. (Red. a x b) y c) z d)
(Black. (Red. a x (Red. b y c)) z d)
(Black. a x (Red. (Red. b y c) z d))
(Black. a x (Red. b y (Red. c z d))))] (Red. (Black. a x b)
(Black. c z d))
:else node)))