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This is my quick dot files repo started on a Saturday night to make my new old MacBook Air looks like my old new MacBook. It is based in webpro/dotfiles (you may want to check it out his repo to understand this one if you feel lost).

How to use it?

  • Make sure that you have an updated macOS and Command Line Tools for Xcode: sudo softwareupdate -i -a && xcode-select --install
  • Clone the repo in your home directory: cd ~ & git clone git@github.com:leonardofaria/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles
  • Run ./install.sh

What is installed?

Installed via brew

Check the description of the less popular apps

  • bats - Bash Automated Testing System
  • dockutil - Command line tool for managing dock items
  • exa - A modern replacement for ls
  • ffmpeg
  • git
  • git-extras
  • htop
  • httpie - A Modern command line HTTP client
  • hugo
  • imagemagick
  • mysql
  • neofetch - A command-line system information tool
  • nginx
  • python3
  • sqlite
  • tree
  • unar - A easy way for unarchiving files
  • wget
  • wifi-password
  • yarn

Installed via brew cask

Using brew cask to install Mac app definitely save you a couple hours of browsing

  • appcleaner
  • atom
  • coconutbattery
  • docker
  • firefox
  • font-meslo-for-powerline
  • geekbench
  • gitify
  • google-chrome
  • iterm2
  • launchrocket
  • sequel-pro
  • slack
  • sourcetree
  • spectacle
  • spotify
  • tableplus
  • the-unarchiver
  • transmission
  • visual-studio-code
  • vlc

Quick Look plugins

  • betterzip
  • qladdict
  • qlcolorcode
  • qlimagesize
  • qlmarkdown
  • qlstephen
  • qlvideo
  • quicklook-csv
  • quicklook-json
  • suspicious-package
  • webpquicklook

Other stuff also installed

Mac Defaults

There are lots of customizable Mac settings. Check macos/defaults.sh for all details.

Dock items

You can update your dock running: dotfiles dock.

Note: this will remove all your current dock items.

What is not done automatically

Extra environment variables

Add your extra information environment variables in system/.custom.

iTerm 2

Open Preferences and in General, check: "Load Preferences from a custom folder or URL". Point the folder to macos - There is a file there called com.googlecode.iterm2.plist with all setup.