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Detached is a set of tools to make the process of building services or REST APIs faster. It started with EntityFramework and was inspired by GraphDiff. Each tool has its own nuget and instructions, so please check individual read me as needed.

If you'd like to participate or need some support, please drop me an email: or fork me on github. Thanks in advance for your help!


Allows loading and saving entire entity graphs (the entity with its children/relations) at once and without extra code.

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Provides generic repositories based on Detached.EntityFramework.

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Provides generic controllers and validations based on Detached.Services. Also provides automatic localization by mapping full names and namespaces of Clr Types to specified keys and resource files and a JsonStringLocalizer.

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Currently building Angular2 and MVC demos.


To build the project, you need:

Unit tests depend on Moq beta. Please, in VS2015, go to Tools->Options, look for Nuget Package manager and add this source: