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Leonardo Rifeli Resume

Location: Joinville (SC) * Brasil

Blog: leonardorifeli.com

E-mail: leonardorifeli@gmail.com

Linkedin: leonardorifeli

Skype: leonardorifeli

Github: github.com/leonardorifeli


I'm 21 years old and I live in Joinville (SC). I'm been working with development for four years. I currently act as a developer software engineer at the ContaAzul and studying a BA in Computer Engineering.

And, I Contribute to open source projects :D.

Seek new knowledge and challenges to be constantly evolving. I'm passionate about technology and I always try to improve and shared my knowledges.

My Skills

  • Java;
  • PHP (version 5.6 and 7);
  • PHPOO;
  • Linux/OS X;
  • Amazon AWS;
  • Job Queues;
  • Rest APIs;
  • JavaScript;
  • AngularJS;
  • MySQL - MongoDB;
  • Clean code and SOLID;
  • Design Patterns;
  • GIT;
  • Scrum;
  • Unit Test;
  • And more Skills;

Professional experience

Software Engineer * ContaAzul Software * 2016-09 * actual

Back-end development. Worked with a/b tests and several conversion experiments. I'm been working with bank integrations, performance strategies and APIs. Using Java with default language.

Back-end Developer * TAG Interativa * 2016-01 * 2016-09

Back-end development. Working with websites, management systems, business analyst, etc. Using PHP with default language. I did work in ND Online project using several technologies (ElasticSearch per example).

Full-stack Developer * Wab * 2013-04 * 2015-12

Working with websites, management systems, business analyst, support of users, etc. I did work in Empório Basílico, Cadastro Royal Canin and other projects.

Academic education

  • Studing English - EnglishLive - Started at September/2016 - Finish'll at September/2017;
  • BA in Computer Engineering – UNISOCIESC – Started at February/2016 – Finished at July/2016 to study in UDESC;
  • BA in Computer Engineering – Logatti – Started at February/2015 – Transfer to UNISOCIESC at December/2015;
  • High school on E.E Ergilia Micelli – Finished at December/2013.


  • Online Training about PHPOO - iMasters Curses – Number A99B473

Workload: 24 hours

Author: João Batista Neto

  • Online Training about PHP and MySQL DB - IPED – Instituto Politécnico de Ensino a Distância – Number 254027

Workload: 20 hours

Started at: 2013-11-03

Finished at: 2013-11-21

Events and workshops

  • PHP Experience – iMasters – held on 2015-04-25 – in São Paulo – SP – as congressman.

Workload: 8 hours

Event website

  • Devcommerce Conference – iMasters – held on 2015-06-20 – in São Paulo – SP – as a participant.

Workload: 8 hours

Event website

  • InterCon Arena – iMasters – held on 2014-11-15 – in São Paulo – SP – as a participant.

Workload: 8 hours

Event website

  • FrontInterior – held on 2014-08-29 and 2014-08-30 – in Bauru – SP – as a participant.

Workload: 11 hours

Event website

  • InterCon PHP – iMasters – held on 19/07/2014 – in São Paulo - SP – as a participant.

Workload: 8 hours

Event website

  • SC DEV Summit – PHP SC – held on 2016-05-20 and 2016-05-21 – in Joinville - SC – as a participant.

Workload: 16 hours

Event website

Aditional information

  • English Information: Basic / Intermediate (reading, writing and speaking).
  • Development projects to: ContaAzul, Anagê Imóveis, APIs to Lança Perfume APP, Grupo RIC, Notícias do dia, Royal Canin do Brasil, Banco Itaú, Chalu Imóveis, Grupo Provac, Clarins, UNESP (sviluppumbria), Cosfibel Group, FixCard Project and other projects.