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This library has been provided by Leon Barrett (@leonbarrett) to provide a simple and clean way to interact with the PayPal NVP API. It builds upon concepts from the Code Igniter PayPal Library (v. 0.1) by
This library assumes that you have some prior knowledge of the PayPal API. More information can be found on the PayPal API reference pages.
It should be noted that this library isn't the magic answer to your PayPal solution, you will need to be comfortable with PHP, CI and the PayPal API!
This package consists of the following files
Config > autoload.php - used to auto load the libraries and the helper | paypallib_config - used to hold your API credentails.
Controllers > demo.php - used to demonstrate using the library to display the balance of the current PayPal account.
Helpers > paypal_helper.php - used to display any errors returned from the API call.
Libraries > paypal_api_lib.php - used to interact with the API, make a call and get a response | paypal_lib.php - used to receive IPN notifications from PayPal.
Please note the library requires CI 1.7.2 and higher
For more information please see
Note: It should be mentioned that logging should only be enabled when testing this code. In production, logging should be turned off!