3D color visualizer made with Processing, entry for Google DevArt 2014
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because 2 dimensions are not enough.



ArsMatrix is a Processing Project aimed at becoming an interactive installation where people can explore and witness the properties of colors across multiple dimensions. ArsMatrix takes a 2-dimensional image and maps its color-information to a 3-dimensional Matrix, generating a 3D structure unique to each image.

The animated process and will show the 3D piece growing as the image is being scanned. The user will be able to change color balances and 3D visualization styles and see their changes in real time, hopefully coming to a higher understanding of color in what I hope to be a mesmerizing experience.

Images are picked randomly from the Google Picasa’s public feeds, either from the featured images album or using a word chosen by the user as a search bias. During the last development stage I implemented an experimental "live mode" in which people will be able to paint a sketch on a blank canvas and see their images coming to life as 3D structures in real time, encouraging them to unleash their hidden artist.

In the perfect image of the interactive installation I have in my mind, people are able to send the resulting 3D figure to a 3D printer and get a tiny, multi-colored miniature as a memento of the whole experience.

Link to Application

  • ArsMatrix Processing Source Code | The Source Code is available on Github - as the rules do not allow me to upload binaries files. The libraries are included within the repo, so if you have Processing and Java installed it should run fine.

Link to Prototypes

  • JS Applet Prototype | An early javascript test as the visualization techniques were coming into form. Use the GUI on the right to change settings and drag the slider to switch between different paintings, click "Start Mapping" to restart the process.

Libraries Used

Image & Videos



Application Overview

A video of my playing with the app, switching visualization modes and their options, getting pictures off the Picasa's public feed and not, and toying with the color correction knobs. http://youtu.be/YaA3dAJz6sI

Picasa API Integration

Showing how different search terms lead to different images being downloaded thanks to the Goggle Picasa APIs http://youtu.be/de8ctoCSosI

Android Mode

ArsMatrix running on a Nexus 7, mapping images saved locally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvfsJg6Hax4

Live Mode

Experimental feature in which the user's drawings are translated to the 3D Matrix in real time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDII9JHBSNE&feature=youtu.be