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imml (indented markdown markup language) is a markup language and static site generator whose purpose is to create minimalist, blazing fast no-javascript websites from a single, portable plain text file.

The project was born from the desire to have a process to build a personal website which doesn't get more complicated than editing a single text file and calling it a day. Could be the perfect choice for your blog, public brain dump, recipe list, no-fuss portfolio, low-fi zine, or anything you can think of.


  • your whole website is a single, portable, offline, private plain text file
  • blazing fast to load and build
  • no javascript
  • it's a better motherfucking website
  • makes you understand that perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

using imml

Visit for a web-based imml editor. Write in the editor on the left side and it will be parsed in real-time into the results shown on the right. The web-based editor saves to localstorage, so feel free to come back to it later on - or you can manually save and load a file by using the toolbar buttons on the top left. The export button exports your site as a single .html file.

Alternatively, write a file locally on your machine and then, with node.js installed, run npx imml <path to your text file> to generate a minified html file. Run npx imml --help or click here to find out more about the command line tool.

writing guide

Wrap text between [square brackets] to create a page and a link to it, then indent and write markdown to create the content for that page. The first page in the imml document is your home. Nest pages to create a site structure. For more advanced usage, check the detailed writing guide in the wiki.

using as a library

import { parse, render } from "imml";

// import the default style, or make your own
import "imml/lib/style.css"; 

const text = `
    Hello World!

const data = parse(text);
render(data, window.document);

Support Buy me a coffee

If this tool has proven useful to you, consider buying me a coffee to support development of this and many other projects.


⚡ Create minimalist, blazing fast no-javascript websites from a single, portable plain text file







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