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noUiSlider is a lightweight jQuery range slider plugin. It offers a wide selection of options and settings, but it is (much!) less bloated than the jQueryUI slider. noUiSlider supports touch on a wide range of devices, including those running iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
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noUiSlider is lightweight plugin, developed to be a jQuery UI alternative. It features cross-browser support, a just-another-input-type style of getting and setting values, a wide range of options and support for a bunch of touch devices. It works wonders on Android phones, iPhone & iPad, Windows phone and touch-screen laptops and tablets. It works excellent on the desktop too; All modern browsers and IE7+ are supported. The end result? A lean, extendible and bloat-less plugin that'll just do its job. To add even more flexibility, noUiSlider is compatible with both jQuery and Zepto.js. Oh, and the licensing terms are simple: just do what you want.


An extensive documentation, including examples, options and configuration details, is available here: noUiSlider documentation.


Bower users can install all compiled and minified files easily using bower install nouislider --save. Supporting bower unfortunately means keeping all compiled and minified versions in the repository.



  • Fixed an issue where calling .val(undefined) wouldn't match specification (#383);
  • Values in range are now properly sorted before being used (and can thus be passed in any order) (#393);
  • Fixed an error in .noUiSlider('step') where JS floating point precision would mess up a comparison (#391);
  • Fixed the slider styles failing when CSS direction: rtl is set (#275, #377);
  • Fixed throwing an error when running .noUiSlider on an empty selection (#325);
  • Fixed the filter function for the pips plugin not always being called (#365);


  • Fixed an issue when using the pips plugin with sliders not starting at 0. (#357)


  • Fixed an issue in the way the $.fn.val method is overridden. (#350)

7.0.4 ~ 7.0.7

  • Bower support.


  • Fixed an issue with Link on single-handle RTL sliders.


  • Fixed an issue with the handle z-index. (#333)
  • Added pips formatting. (#330)
  • Added Grunt-based tasks.


noUiSlider is currently on version 7. This version contains significant changes from 6, improving various aspects and moving some features in their own module.

  • All serialization features are now supported by my new project, libLink.
  • All number formatting features have been moved into the wNumb formatting library.
  • The val method now only takes values, as all additional options are now automaticly detected.
  • Documentation overhaul
  • Improved and restructured testing suite.
  • Performance improvements due to painting in another layer. (#268);
  • Minified file is now clearly marked (#320).
  • Added limit option to provide 'maximum margin' (#308).
  • Fixed rebuilding an uninitialized slider (#271).
  • Added generation of pips/range points (#254, #260).
  • Fixed tap ignoring margin (#265).

Unit Testing

Unit tests where overhauled for noUiSlider 7. Most code is now covered, with events testing being slightly lacking due to it's browser dependant nature.

Version numbering

Version numbering follows the 'Semantic versioning' style. You'll find an excellent documentation at


The plugin code can be managed using a Grunt-based task runner. Use npm install to fetch all dependancies, then grunt concat to merge all files.

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