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from decimal import Decimal
import copy
class Invoice(dict):
def get_product(self, identifier):
Return a product matching the given identifier.
# try to find an id corresponding to the code
for p in self['products']:
if identifier in p.get('ids', []):
return p
# if no product associated with the code found, return None
return None
def product_dependencies_are_resolvable(self, product):
Checks if the product is a top-level item in the dependency tree.
for v in self['products']:
for identifier in product['ids']:
if identifier in map(lambda dep: dep['id'], v.get('dependencies', [])):
return False
return True
def get_copy_with_resolved_dependencies(self):
Return a deep copy of this instance with resolved dependencies.
invoice_copy = copy.deepcopy(self)
changes = 1
while changes > 0:
changes = 0
for product in invoice_copy['products']:
# if any other products depend on this product, don't try to resolve it
if not invoice_copy.product_dependencies_are_resolvable(product):
for dependency in product.get('dependencies', []):
changes += 1
# add the required quantity to the dependencies
invoice_copy.get_product(dependency['id'])['quantity'] += product['quantity'] * dependency.get('quantity', 1)
# mark the dependency as resolved by removing it
return invoice_copy
def get_total_price(self):
Get the total price for all products on the invoice.
i = self.get_copy_with_resolved_dependencies()
total_price = Decimal(0)
for product in i['products']:
billed_price = Decimal(str(product.get('price', 0))) * Decimal(str(product.get('quantity')))
total_price += billed_price
return total_price