fixes failing video recorder spec #19

merged 1 commit into from Mar 29, 2012

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$ rspec spec/


1) Headless::VideoRecorder stopping video recording using #stop_and_save stops video recording and saves file
Failure/Error: FileUtils.should_receive(:mv).with("/tmp/", "/tmp/")
(FileUtils).mv("/tmp/", "/tmp/")
expected: 1 time
received: 0 times
# ./spec/video_recorder_spec.rb:38:in `block (4 levels) in '

@leonid-shevtsov leonid-shevtsov merged commit 7fe8ae3 into leonid-shevtsov:master Mar 29, 2012

Thank you, merged in 6bdebc2.

Did it not work because the mock expectation tested for the exact same instances of the strings? Weird.

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