Flume NG MongoDB source.
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Flume NG MongoDB sink. The source was implemented to populate JSON into MongoDB.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install latest Maven and build source by 'mvn package'
  3. Generate classpath by 'mvn dependency:build-classpath'
  4. Append classpath in $FLUME_HOME/conf/flume-env.sh
  5. Add the sink definition according to Configuration


type: org.riderzen.flume.sink.MongoSink
host: db host [localhost]
port: db port [27017]
username: db username []
password: db password []
model: single or dynamic [single], single means all data will insert into the same collection,
    and dynamic means every event will specify collection name by event header 'collection' 
db: db name [events]
collection: default collection name, will used in single model [events]
batch: batch size of insert opertion [100]
autoWrap: indicator of wrap the event body as a JSONObject that has one field [false]
wrapField: using with autoWrap, set the field name of JSONObject [log]
timestampField: date type field that record the creating time of record,
    it can be a existing filed name that the sink will convert this filed to date type,
    or it's a new filed name that the sink will create it automatically []
    the supported date pattern as follows:
        "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"
        "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS"
        "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Z"
        "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS Z"
authenticationEnabled: true means login by username/password, false means login without authentication [false]
extraFields: use with extra fields to tag the information, for example your ip address, computer name[]
username: required when "authenticationEnabled" is true []
password: required when "authenticationEnabled" is true []

flume.conf sample

agent2.sources = source2
agent2.channels = channel2
agent2.sinks = sink2

agent2.sources.source2.type = org.riderzen.flume.source.MsgPackSource
agent2.sources.source2.bind = localhost
agent2.sources.source2.port = 1985

agent2.sources.source2.channels = channel2

agent2.sinks.sink2.type = org.riderzen.flume.sink.MongoSink
agent2.sinks.sink2.host = localhost
agent2.sinks.sink2.port = 27017
agent2.sinks.sink2.model = single
agent2.sinks.sink2.collection = events
agent2.sinks.sink2.batch = 100
agent2.sinks.sink2.extraFields.ip =

agent2.sinks.sink2.channel = channel2

agent2.channels.channel2.type = memory
agent2.channels.channel2.capacity = 1000000
agent2.channels.channel2.transactionCapacity = 800
agent2.channels.channel2.keep-alive = 3

Event Headers

The sink supports some headers in dynamic model:
'db': db name
'collection' : collection name