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Flume NG MessagePack source.
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Flume NG MessagePack source. The source was implemented by MessagePack-RPC.


Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install latest Maven and build source by 'mvn package'
  3. Generate classpath by 'mvn dependency:build-classpath'
  4. Append classpath in $FLUME_HOME/conf/
  5. Add the source definition according to Configuration


type: org.riderzen.flume.source.MsgPackSource
bind: host name or ip address []
port: port [1985]
threads: max threads of msgpack Eventloop [1]
poolSize: max threads of message processing [500]
queueSize: the max queue size of blocking message @see java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor#ThreadPoolExecutor. [3000]

flume.conf sample

    agent2.sources = source2
    agent2.channels = channel2
    agent2.sinks = sink2

    agent2.sources.source2.type = org.riderzen.flume.source.MsgPackSource
    agent2.sources.source2.bind = localhost
    agent2.sources.source2.port = 1985

    agent2.sources.source2.channels = channel2

    agent2.sinks.sink2.type = org.riderzen.flume.sink.MongoSink = localhost
    agent2.sinks.sink2.port = 27017
    agent2.sinks.sink2.model = single
    agent2.sinks.sink2.collection = events
    agent2.sinks.sink2.batch = 100 = channel2

    agent2.channels.channel2.type = memory
    agent2.channels.channel2.capacity = 1000000
    agent2.channels.channel2.transactionCapacity = 800
    agent2.channels.channel2.keep-alive = 3
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