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Yet Another PiP Extension.

Yape does very simple thing: finds all HTML5 videos on a webpage and allows you to play them in Picture-in-Picture mode. Just click on an item from the list and this video will be switched to Picture-in-Picture mode.

Basically, this is very similar extension to PiPifier and PiedPiPer, which I discovered in the middle of development. The main difference is that Yape doesn't add any buttons to the webpage. Instead, you enable Picture-in-Picture mode from Safari toolbar.


  1. Safari 10.0+
  2. macOS 10.12+


  1. Download latest
  2. Unpack it and then copy to the Applications folder
  3. Launch Yape
  4. Go to Safari → Preferences → Extensions and enable Yape

Known issues

  • Issue #1: sometimes you need to click at least once somewhere on the page before enabling PiP.
  • Issue #2: sometimes you need to click "play" button before enabling PiP.
  • Issue #3: some videos don't work at all (for example,, gifs on