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This is the source and schema for another homemade digital clock I've made. Here's a link to the YouTube video

Keep in mind that it takes a long time to print all the parts and in daylight it's not very bright. You can download the Android app from the Play Story here:

Print instructions

For better contrast, it's best to print the following parts in black:

  • Betweenblock
  • BewteenSegments
  • DotRing
  • Dotbottom
  • Middle
  • OuterRingSegments

The rest can be printed in white.

alt text

Arduino Nano
LED strip WS2812B 1 meter 30 RGB LED's
Real time clock: DS3231 and battery
Bluetooth module: HC-05
Temperature and Humidity Sensor: DHT11 or DHT22
5V / 2A Power Supply
Wires, Glue and a lot of patience :)