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@leopard20 leopard20 released this Aug 13, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

New Features:

  • Completely new design, with colorful icons to better recognize commands. Icons are also shown for vehicles, weapons, etc.

  • Many code optimizations here and there to improve the performance

  • (Optional) Reorganized vanilla command menus + added icons and colors. Remove the keybinding in CBA Controls panel to disable them.

  • New driver mode! Drive all land/sea vehicles directly with an AI behind the wheels!

  • New pilot mode (for helis)! A custom flight script which enables you to fly helicopters directly for the ultimate gunner/FFV experience! Includes new pilot (called "super pilot") + loitering (including loitering UI) + cruising (including cruise UI) + landing + sling-loading

  • New Waypoint UI

  • Tasking system; New commands do not override each other but rather are added to the unit's 'tasks' (think of it as 3D waypoint assignment). Check the waypoint UI to see all tasks (tasks: GREEN, waypoints: BLUE). Most functions have been rewritten to support the new tasking system.

  • Planting explosives, with categorized explosive list (e.g. Explosive charges, AT Mines, Trip Wires, etc) + three fuse options for explosive charges (Auto, Manual, Timer)

  • Overhauled medical system with revive, drag, carry, etc. actions + full support for ACE medical (basic)

  • Overhauled rearm: Rearm everything! Also added class-based rearming (e.g. AT soldiers take AT Launchers, Engineers take Toolkit, Demo Specialists take explosives and Mine Detector, etc.)

  • New landing modes

  • Essential cheats menu

  • Auto-medic (optional)


  • The mod is no longer initialized in the main menu. (actually, many mods have this issue but the authors don't know/care about it. This can improve the launch time of the game a little bit)

  • The mod can probably run without CBA now (but you still need CBA to customize the mod). Didn't test it. I added this change after noticing some compatibility issues between CBA and the Contact DLC.

  • Unstick: The mod does its best not to throw units out of buildings when unsticking them! Also, vehicles are now placed on top of objects (e.g. roofs, etc.) where possible. Also, you can now unflip vehicles by pointing at them (without any units selected)

  • Mount: Units now move towards the vehicles before mounting them.

  • Take Cover: Units now take cover behind objects (i.e. away from enemy); if there is no enemy, they assume the player is pointing at one.

  • Medical (and some other functions): Medics/units can now move withing the 'bounding box' of objects (invisible barrier around objects which AI can't move into!).

  • Assemble: The mod automatically detects the weapon backpacks now! You can simply select all units! Also, you can assemble the backpacks if they're already on the ground! Also, the weapon is now assembled where you wanted it to (if possible) and exactly towards the direction you wanted

  • Disassemble: Units now take the correct backpack; for example, if there are many backpacks close to each other, they know which one was from the disassembled weapon!

  • Support groups: For helicopter supports (CAS and Transport), a helipad is added at the helicopter's position so it can land there again.

  • Prettier, Better and faster map selection (e.g. for mount, resupply, disassemble, etc.)

  • Improved the Taxi script using a recursive path generation function instead of the old trial and error method. The overall system is still buggy though and I need to rewrite it completely.


  • Fixed a bug in Zeus which caused the mod to throw errors in the main menu

  • Fixed multiple compatibility issues with C2 Beta.

  • Removed all unused event handlers to improve performance.

  • Many, many more bug fixes for the many functions that have been rewritten.

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