@leopard20 leopard20 released this Sep 2, 2018

Assets 3


  • Fixed mod not launching properly for some users (due to some issue in CBA).
  • Refresh (set R.O.E): Button not removing the "Fire on my lead" event handler.
  • Take cover: Unit switching to auto stance for no reason.
  • Auto-target: Sometimes auto-targeting was re-enabled without user prompt!
  • Medic healing: Medic was ordered to Fire on player's lead but opened fire as soon as he started healing!


  • Take Weapon: Revised code. Now it's 10 times faster.
  • Add HC group to player: Sort HC groups by distance form the leader.
  • Slingloading: Using onEachFrame instead of While (scheduled to unscheduled). Helicopter rotation is now fluent (relatively speaking!) even at low FPS.
  • Plane Landing: Instead of removing the plane fuel, the pilot's movement is disabled (until he's given new orders)
  • Fire on my Lead: When player opens fire, unit's auto-targeting is enabled again (if it was disabled before) so that he can actually fire.
  • Refresh (set R.O.E): You can now refresh individual units instead of entire group (e.g to remove Fire on my Lead for only some units)