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3rd party service monitoring tool


npm install -g raven-monit

Getting Started

# clone it
git clone
cd raven

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Start development live-reload server
MONGO_CONNECTION_URL=mongodb://<user>:<password>@<hostname>:<port>/<dbname> PORT=8080 npm run dev

# Start production server:
MONGO_CONNECTION_URL=mongodb://<user>:<password>@<hostname>:<port>/<dbname> PORT=8080 npm start

Docker Support

cd express-es6-rest-api

# Build your docker
docker build -t leopardslab/3Mon .
#            ^      ^         ^
#          tag  tag name      Dockerfile location

# run your docker
docker run -p 8080:8080 leopardslab/3Mon
#                 ^            ^
#          bind the port    container tag
#          to your host
#          machine port

# run mongo
docker run -p 27017:27017 --name raven-mongo mongo



MIT © leopardslab

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