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All programs used in my CAMbot
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Face Recognition Based Product Recommendation system

Customer Assistance Mobile Manipulator Robot (CAMbot)

The project develops A Customer Assistance Mobile Manipulator Robot that can be used in super markets and big shopping malls .It assists customers by recommending products by facial, gender and emotion recognition using image processing techniques, finding the required products with the help of a user interface developed in C# , identifying commodities in shelves using a RFID tagging system, helping the customers to navigate through the store using buidin maps stored in the robotic memory and helping them to pick and place the commodities using its robotic arm. The project has an interdisciplinary nature and includes Image processing (Robotic vision), embedded system (Microcontrollers), Electrical components (Motors, Servo and drivers), Mechanical design and kinematics (Load- Motor torque relation & robotic arm), Electronic circuits (power supply circuits) and programming (C#, Matlab, python &embedded C).

The project was maintained and developed by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society CUSAT Chapter. Project URL :

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