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Code for visual tracking of objects on ground from a drone.
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Code for visual tracking of objects on ground from a drone.

The objects on the ground are tracked based on the following features:

  1. Colour : Each object is given a particular color
  2. Size: The area of the object
  3. Shape : The objects are further filtered out using a roundness parameter
  4. Distance between same objects in adjacent frames : This criteria helps to discard tracking of objects which moves beyond a particular distance between the frames

Tested on: Jetson TX1 running on Ubuntu16.04 with an attached ZED camera being carried on a drone.


  1. OpenCV : Contains the code of the first version of the tracking algorithm
  2. OpenCV_live : Contains modified code for deploying the algorithm in realtime in a drone
  3. OpenCV_video : Contains code for testing the algorithm on a pre-recorded video
  4. Results_Demo : Has demo videos of the algorithm working on pre-recorded videos

How to use these programs:

  1. Download the repositories
  2. Open the repository
  3. Delete the build folder (In the case of OpenCV_video repository make sure to copy the pre-recorded video in the build folder before deleting it)
  4. Use the following commands to build the code from source file: $ mkdir build $ cd build $ cmake .. $ make
  5. Use the following command to run the binary file: $ ./ZED_with_OpenCV

NB: The code need to be cleaned up a lot. I will try to do it when I get some free time.

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