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This project provides RubyMine keymap like Sublime Text for those people want soft switch between RubyMine and Sublime Text.


RubyMine 5.x


  1. Go to File | Import Settings… and specify the rubymine-keymap-sublime directory. Click OK in the dialog that appears.
  2. Restart RubyMine
  3. Go to Preferences | Keymap | Keymaps and select the new keymap Sublime Text

Questions, Feedback

Post questions or feedback in Issue.


Contributing code

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Import & install rubymine-keymap-sublime keymap setting.
  3. Change the keymap and export new setting.
  4. Commit the new setting and send me a pull request.

Contributing documentation

Write a blog or a post in some forum to instroduce this project.


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