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Calculator - React version
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React Calculator

Added buttons and the screen. Thinking through the logic: get n/a when try to divide by zero. Decimals work.
Used styled-components for theming.


See Calculator demo
Deployed to Netlify


App uses styled-components - button has a default color, but each button can instead use specific color
Calculator as a whole used a design palette:
App was originally set up with classes, but halfway through, decided to try out styled-components. Would use theming of styled-components for a larger app. The classes that were originally added turned out to be useful for debugging, because the classes created by styled-components were strange looking and hard to read.

Calculation and State

State is set when a button is clicked. This is done via a function on the main App state. The item clicked is stored in a variable called recent. When a calculation is made, it get stored in an array. It could possibly have been just a variable that gets rewritten each time, but doing it as an array helped with debugging the app. If one tries to divide by zero, one gets n/a, and the app re-inits.

To Do

--> button when selected have blue border - why?

  • write up more about the app

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

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