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Raspberry Pi cross-compiled 0.7.0

@xaqq xaqq released this
· 141 commits to develop since this release
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About this release

This is a cross-compiled build of the 0.7.0 version of Leosac targeting Raspbian Stretch.
This release is unconventional because it was cross-compiled using non-standard tools with regard to the
version of Debian (Stretch) we are building for.

Most dependencies have been cross-compiled, resulting in a heavy build.

How to install

It is important that the fakeroot lives at /opt/rpi_fakeroot.

  1. Download fakeroot.tar.xz.
  2. Decompress to .tar then extract tar : xz -d fakeroot.tar.xz && tar xvf fakeroot.tar -C /
  3. Download LEOSAC-0.7.0-Linux.tar.gz to /opt then tar xzvf LEOSAC-0.7.0-Linux.tar.gz

You should now be able to run leosac through bin/leosac.

Changes from 0.6.3

  • Most usable out of the box features are comparable to 0.6.3.
  • Configuration changed should not have changed much. The doc should be mostly
    up-to-date wrt config.
  • Many internal change.


Some part of system still need work before being usable and stable. However the modules already
present in 0.6.3 will work the same.

Some examples might be outdated. If you encounter issues with please open pull request or open issue.