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Working with Chroniton is easy.

Simply use the singularity to schedule a job and start the singularity.

###Get the singularity

    ISingularity singularity = Singularity.Instance;


    ISingularityFactory factory = new SingularityFactory();
    ISingularity singularity = factory.GetSingularity();

###Construct an IJob The library has a SimpleJob and SimpleParameterizedJob built for you which take Action<DateTime> in their constructors. You can also create your own IJob implementation.

    var job = new SimpleJob(scheduledTime => Console.WriteLine("Hello World"));

    var parameterizdeJob = new SimpleParameterizedJob<string>((parameter, scheduledTime) => 

###Construct an ISchedule You can use one of the built in schedules or create your own ISchedule. The ConstantSchedule will run a job continuously.

    var schedule = new ConstantSchedule();

Schedule the Job

The Singularity does all the work of managing how jobs and schedules interact. It has several overloads for scheduling jobs.

    bool runNow = true;
    singularity.ScheduleJob(schedule, job, runNow); 

    var startTime = DateTime.UtcNow;
    singularity.ScheduleParameterizedJob(schedule, parameterizdeJob, "Hello World", startTime);

In the above code if runNow were set to false, the schedule would be called to get the first run. There are also overloads to make the first run happen at a specified time. ScheduleJob() returns an IScheduledJob which can be used to cancel the job if needed.


Start the singularity

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