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Foursquare campfire bot
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He's a Foursquare aware campfire bot that tells you where your friends are when you ask him!

Getting started:
1) bootstrap:
gem install activesupport json yajl-ruby

2) create a config.yml file in the project root (see config.yml.example) with campfire + foursquare api information
3) ./script/run (you can use ./script/console to test him locally)

Basic commands:

@squarebot where is frank? #firstname!
@squarebot where is DW #initials!

(@squarebot can also be the campfire Squarebot: syntax too)

He's built with a plugin system so that you can make him do more things. (see lib/plugins/example.rb)

add options to the config file and have them passed to your plugin when you register it (see lib/plugins/where_is.rb as an example)
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