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A template for peer review of scientific publications
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Template for a paper review

This is the template that I use when reviewing a paper:

It has some reminders of things to which I should pay attention and some boilerplate text for certain things (like asking for code and data). I sign my reviews so I put in some reminders to always be civil and constructive.

The template is written in Markdown but I generally submit it as plain text. Optionally, you can add images and equations and convert it to PDF using pandoc.

Contributions are more than welcome! The template is licensed CC-BY, which means that you can reuse, share, and modify it freely as long as you reference back to the original source (this repository). If you make any changes, please contribute those back so that I can use them as well.


You are free to reuse, share, and modify the contents of this lesson under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and the BSD-3-clause license (see for details).

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