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Souce code for

Build Status Powered by Pelican Powered by Bootstrap Theme by Bootswatch

This is the source code for my personal site

It's built using Pelican and hosted on Github pages.


You'll need the following to build the website:

  • Pelican (3.5.0)
  • markdown (2.4)
  • beautifulsoup4 (4.3.2)

You can install these libraries using pip:

pip install pelican==3.5.0 markdown==2.4 beautifulsoup4==4.3.2

After cloning this repository, you'll need to initialized the git submodules for the pelican-plugins:

cd pelican-plugins
git submodule init
git submodule update

This only needs to be done once.

Compiling the site

Use the Makefile:

make serve

The command make serve will start a simple server at the output dir where the built HTML files are. Point your browser to to view the site. Use Ctrl+C to kill the server.

The theme

The website theme is made using bootstrap and tweaked from the Cosmo Bootswatch theme. Icons are provided by FontAwesome and Academicons.

The Jinja2 templates and CSS are located in the theme folder. I really should make this theme more generic and provide it to the world. But, you know, time and things. You can still use it by copying the theme folder to your own project. I can't guarantee that things will work without my specific folder struture in content.

Adding an article/talk/course/software

The papers, talks, courses and software entries are basically blog posts, each in a different category. Categories are defined as folders in content. Each entry gets it's own .md file. The site theme takes a lot of extra metadata in the post to make the "Info" section of each entry.

To add a new entry, create the .md file in the corresponding category.

Metadata for entries



title: Geophysical tutorial: Euler deconvolution of potential-field data
date: 01-04-2014
slug: paper-tle-euler-tutorial-2014
author: Uieda, L., V. C. Oliveira Jr, and V. C. F. Barbosa
journal: The Leading Edge
citation: Uieda, L., V. C. Oliveira Jr, and V. C. F. Barbosa (2014), Geophysical tutorial: Euler deconvolution of potential-field data, The Leading Edge, 33(4), 448-450, doi:10.1190/tle33040448.1

Note that citation has to be in a single line.


repository: pinga-lab/paper-tle-euler-tutorial
doi: 10.1190/tle33040448.1
supplement: 10.6084/m9.figshare.923450
thumbnail: images/thumb/paper-tle-euler-tutorial-2014.png
pdf: paper-tle.pdf
tags: OA, review

The tags metadata has special entries: OA and review. An entry with the OA tag will be marked as open-acess. Setting the review tag will mark the entry as under peer-review (unpublished).

The PDF file should be provided in the content/pdf folder.



title: Use of the "shape-of-anomaly" data misfit in 3D inversion by planting anomalous densities
author: Uieda, L., and V. C. F. Barbosa
slug: seg2012
date: 01-11-2012
type: oral
event: SEG Annual Meeting

type can be either oral or poster.


tags: expanded
pdf: seg-2012.pdf
repository: leouieda/seg2012
slides: 10.6084/m9.figshare.156864
poster: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1089987
doi: 10.1190/segam2012-0383.1
thumbnail: images/thumb/seg2012.png
citation: Uieda, L., and V. C. F. Barbosa (2012), Use of the "shape-of-anomaly" data misfit in 3D inversion by planting anomalous densities, SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, pp. 1-6, doi:10.1190/segam2012-0383.1

If tags has the word expanded, will place an info alert saying that there is an expanded abstract or short paper available with this entry.

Automatic deploy with TravisCI

The site is automatically built and deployed to leouieda/ every time a commit is pushed to the master branch. See files .travis.yml and Inspired by Sleepy Coders and Mathieu Leplatre.

TravisCI status


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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