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Sci-Hub EVA is a cross-platform Sci-Hub GUI application powered by Python and Qt.


Click Open button to choose where to save the downloaded files. Click Show button will open the directory where you set.

Fill the Query and click Rampage button, then it will search and download the file. Currently, you can fill the query with URL, PMID, DOI or title.

Range pattern in query is supported, e.g. 00.000/{1-99} will download 00.000/1, 00.000/2, ... 00.000/99. Zero padded format range pattern is allowed, e.g. 00.000/{01-99} will download 00.000/01, 00.000/02, ... 00.000/99.

Also you can download with a query list file, in which each line represents a query. Click Load button to load the query list file.

Right clicking the Logs area will popup menu, you can open the log file or log directory and export failed queries.

Click will show the About dialog.

Click will open the Preferences dialog.

You can change language manually. Light and dark theme are supported, also you can choose System to fit system theme automatically. Changes will take effect after restart.

You can change filename prefix format with supported keywords. Setting overwrite existing file to No will add a timestamp suffix in filename to avoid overwriting previous downloaded files.

Due to the unstable Sci-Hub host accessibility, it may fail to download PDFs sometimes, you can change and add other Sci-Hub URLs, or set a proxy server.

Sometimes, you may need enter the captcha to continue.

Internationalization Support

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
  • Traditional Chinese - Hongkong (繁體中文 - 香港)
  • Traditional Chinese - Taiwan (正體中文 - 臺灣)
  • Portuguese - Portugal

Platform Support


Light Theme Dark Theme


Light Theme Dark Theme


Light Theme Dark Theme



  • Install with dmg file.
  • Install with brew: brew install --cask scihubeva.


  • Install with setup file.
  • Install with scoop: scoop bucket add scoopet && scoop install scihubeva.



Tested only on Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04.


See building/


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright © 2018-2024, 范叶亮 | Leo Van