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Learning Vis Tools: Tutorial materials for Data Visualization course at HKUST
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Welcome to the tutorial of COMP 4462 Data Visualization! You can find the materials used in the tutorial sessions here.

While the lectures are focused on the principles of data visualization, the tutorials will focus on how to use the tools built by data visualization practitioners.

Besides these materials, you can find the course materials on Canvas.


Date Topic Materials Link to Tools
12 Feb Introduction to visualization tools and warm-up with MS Excel visualization Slides
19 Feb Visualization with Tableau and data processing Slides Download and install Tableau:
Student (Full version, require student verification)
Public (Free version with limitations)
26 Feb Where to find visualizations and interesting datasets? Slides
5 Mar Data scientist toolbox 1: Python, Jupyter Notebook and Pandas Jupyter Notebook
Google Colab
12 Mar Data scientist toolbox 2: Pandas and Python visualization Jupyter Notebook
19 Mar Visualization with Javascript 1: Javascript basics and Observable Observable Notebook
26 Mar Visualization with Javascript 2: Vega-Lite and data processing library Observable Notebook
2 Apr Visualization with Javascript 3: Visualization with D3.js Observable Notebook
9 Apr Visualization with Javascript 4: Visualization and interaction with D3.js Observable Notebook








And a lot of amazing visualization examples and datasets!


These materials are created by Leo Yu Ho Lo and Ming Yao.

And thanks to Prof. Huamin Qu teaching this amazing course!

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