php54 + APC + FPM + Mongo + Redis setting all in one piece, this doesn't requires custom AMI
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Elastic Beanstalk Config for ALL IN ONE PHP54 Environment

##What it is##

  • This config sets up an environment consist of php54 + APC + FPM + Mongo + Redis + MySQL + Memcached and other common PHP dependencies, it is a pretty much all in one piece vanilla setup which is much more completed than AWS offers.
  • This config doesn't require customization on the AMI.

##How to use##

  • Copy the .ebextension folder to the root of your zip archive before you upload.
  • You need to change webapp.conf section and also tunning /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf to suit your needs.
  • In the service section, you can turn on and off services also you can do that in private config
  • Please Make sure to use to check the syntax before uploading, this can save your time and soul!


  • Tested on ami-1624987f and as of Apri 28 2013.
  • If it doesn't work on your environment, please file an issue contain the AMI as well as send the eb-init logs within the machine.
  • Even though it is good for general usage, but it is still wise to understand the config throughly (you can ssh into the box to dig through the logs in /var/log)


  • Better to show you what ini files it depends on:

apc.ini, aws.ini, bcmath.ini, curl.ini, dom.ini, environment.ini, fileinfo.ini, gd.ini, igbinary.ini, imagick.ini, intl.ini, json.ini, mbstring.ini, mcrypt.ini, memcache.ini, memcached.ini, mysqlnd.ini, mysqlnd_mysql.ini, mysqlnd_mysqli.ini, oauth.ini, odbc.ini, pdo.ini, pdo_mysqlnd.ini, pdo_odbc.ini, pdo_pgsql.ini, pdo_sqlite.ini, pgsql.ini, phar.ini, posix.ini, redis.ini, soap.ini, sqlite3.ini, ssh2.ini, sysvmsg.ini, sysvsem.ini, sysvshm.ini, uuid.ini, wddx.ini, xmlreader.ini, xmlrpc.ini, xmlwriter.ini, xsl.ini, zip.ini

  • I have included a phpinfo dump in phpinfo.webarchive for your reference (open in safari)


Many thanks to and