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Commits on Mar 18, 2012
  1. @mikemcquaid

    Fix bottles on non-Lion.

    mikemcquaid authored
  2. @mikemcquaid
  3. @mistydemeo @mikemcquaid

    Implement new bottle syntax in formula.rb

    mistydemeo authored mikemcquaid committed
    Signed-off-by: Mike McQuaid <>
  4. @adamv

    Konoha 0.7.1

    HASHIMOTO Ryota authored adamv committed
    Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
  5. @adamv

    denyhosts: don't copy files in `def patches`

    adamv authored
    Replaced file-copy-plus-patch with entire versions
    of files. Wonky, but we can't let real work happen in the `patches`
    method during an install.
  6. @davvid @adamv

    git-cola 1.7.6

    davvid authored adamv committed
    Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
  7. @leoncamel @adamv

    cmus: add git --head

    leoncamel authored adamv committed
    Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
  8. @adamv

    ttf2pt1: remove inplace

    adamv authored
  9. @adamv

    tcpreplay: add patch note

    adamv authored
  10. @adamv

    tcpflow: use a p1 patch

    adamv authored
  11. @adamv

    mod_python: use a p1 patch

    adamv authored
  12. @adamv

    libcaca: use p1 patch

    adamv authored
  13. @adamv

    john 1.7.9

    adamv authored
  14. @adamv

    imlib2 1.4.5

    adamv authored
    Includes libpng patch.
  15. @adamv

    ifstat: reformat patch note

    adamv authored
  16. @adamv

    ettercap: use p1 patch

    adamv authored
  17. @adamv

    dvdauthor: use a p1 patch

    adamv authored
  18. @adamv

    echoping: fix indent

    adamv authored
  19. @mikemcquaid
  20. @mikemcquaid
  21. @mikemcquaid
  22. @mikemcquaid
  23. @mxcl
  24. @mxcl

    Special case "Homebrew" in brew-search

    mxcl authored
    Again, "Homebrew" is changed to "homebrew" before rendering to the user.
  25. @mxcl

    Downcase tap parameters in Formula.canonical_name

    mxcl authored
    See previous commit's explanation.
  26. @mxcl

    Special case Homebrew organization taps

    mxcl authored
    We allow homebrew/dupes for instance, rather than Homebrew/dupes. Because nobody likes shifting in the terminal.
    In the process of doing this I discovered some case-insensitive filesystem bugs we have avoided before because I had the foresight to mandate lowercase in formula names. GitHub considers Homebrew and homebrew to be different (even though you can't create both). So we had to allow case insensitivity in tap input. I have made it now so the resulting directory however is lowercased, neatly avoiding the issue. And so we also downcase tap arguments when applying them to tap directories or formula.
  27. @mxcl
  28. @mxcl

    Handle when formula are deleted from taps

    mxcl authored
    The symlinks in Formula must be updated.
  29. @mxcl

    Generalise the untap step so we can add to update

    mxcl authored
    brew-update needs to be able to unsymlink removed stuff from taps too.
  30. @mxcl

    Make the tapping already there step actually work

    mxcl authored
    For when the symlink for a tap already exists and points to the thing we are about to symlink. This can happen, mostly because my code has sucked, but since the filesystem can be edited by the user at whim, it's possible then too.
  31. @adamv

    bdw-gc: reformat comments

    adamv authored
  32. @mxcl

    Don't warn about .DS_Store

    mxcl authored
    Fixes #11018.
Commits on Mar 17, 2012
  1. @adamv

    libgtop 2.28.4

    adamv authored
    Add link to MacPorts bug report for patch.
    Closes #11014.
  2. @packetcollision @adamv

    The Silver Searcher 0.3

    packetcollision authored adamv committed
    The Silver Searcher (ag) is a faster, smarter, replacement for ack (and grep),
    written in C.
    Closes #10933.
    Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
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