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zsh-syntax-highlighting Project status

Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh.

Requirements: zsh 4.3.9 or superior.

Try it

Here is a one-liner to try it without installing or modifying anything:

wget --no-check-certificate --output-document=/tmp/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh && . /tmp/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh

Install it

In your ~/.zshrc

  • Download the script or clone this repository:

    git clone git://

  • Source the script at the end of ~/.zshrc:

    source /path/to/zsh-syntax-highlighting/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh

  • Source ~/.zshrc to take changes into account:

    source ~/.zshrc

With oh-my-zsh

  • Download the script or clone this repository in oh-my-zsh plugins directory:

    cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/ git clone git://

  • Activate the plugin in ~/.zshrc (in last position):

    plugins=( [plugins...] zsh-syntax-highlighting)

  • Source ~/.zshrc to take changes into account:

    source ~/.zshrc

Tweak it

Optionally, you can override the default styles used for highlighting. The styles are declared in the ZSH_HIGHLIGHT_STYLES array. You can override styles this way:

# To differentiate aliases from other command types

# To have paths colored instead of underlined

# To disable highlighting of globbing expressions

You can tweak the styles used to colorize matching brackets by overriding the ZSH_HIGHLIGHT_MATCHING_BRACKETS_STYLES.

  'fg=blue,bold'    # Style for first level of imbrication
  'fg=green,bold'   # Style for second level of imbrication
  'fg=magenta,bold' # etc... Put as many styles as you wish, or leave
  'fg=yellow,bold'  # empty to disable brackets matching.

This must be done after the script is sourced, otherwise your styles will be overwritten. The syntax for declaring styles is documented here.

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