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Tool to check backup integrity
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Check backup

Tool to check backup integrity. It is based on this structure : Lightroom Workflow Check backup result


Clone this repository

Install via composer

php composer.phar install

Copy config file

cp config.php.dist config.php

Update file

    "mysql_host" => "localhost",
    "mysql_name" => "check-backup",
    "mysql_user" => "root",
    "mysql_passwd" => "root",
    "masterhost" => "",
    "allow_client" => array("local", "remote", "remote2"),
        "local" => array(
        "remote" => array(
        "remote2" => array(
  • mysql_host : address to mysql server
  • mysql_name : databse name
  • mysql_user : mysql user
  • mysql_passwd : mysql password
  • masterhost : when script act as client, it will send data to this address
  • allow_client : when script act as client, look for specific config
  • support_config : list of config for client mode
  • root_folder : for each client, parse folder

Use it

1. Build reference

To be able to compare against other media, you have to initialize database.

php backup.php build-reference

2. Send data from client

php backup.php client local

3. Check integrity

php backup.php check

4. View the result :)

By default, it run as server mode. Just go to http://localhost/check-backup/backup.php